Sunday, 10 February 2019

WCC2 [World Cricket Championship mod apk 2019] Unlocker game mod apk 2019


World Cricket Championship mod apk 2019; As the era is changing at a very rapid speed, the good news is here for cricket lovers. Every cricket lovers can now enjoy their game in a 3D environment right at the palm of their hands. 

Now you can mash some good shots like helicopter shot, Div-scoop, and the Upper-cut. You can also mash some good sixes and fours to complete your century. 

This is one of the most pleasant works cricket fans will like to do. According to your choice now you can adjust and customize your players. Now you can customize your ground, lights, camera angles, innings and many more. 

All these features and enhancement are embedded in your game i.e. 'World Cricket Championship 2' which will make you feel that you are on a  real field and having a match.

So, what are you waiting for? Be ready for having an exciting match.


Features Includes:

* Various tournaments are updated. Blitz tournament, World T20 Cup, World Cup, Asian Cup. Blitz tournament is having #17 Matches. So enjoy the tournaments.

* Enjoy Quick Play with 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 Overs match.

* Stadiums are updated.

* New Pitch Condition having DEAD, DUSTY & GREEN.

* Match Condition with an environment with Sunlight, Cloudy, Rainy and Night.

* Team Customization according to your choice.

* Practice Mode available where you can train yourself for some boundaries and completing centuries.

* You can also Challenge your friend and have a good game with them.

* Different camera views

* Action Replay where you can watch your shots, bowling, batting twice at different camera views.

* Empire Decision in every boundary and normal wickets.

* Innings Scored are shown in 3d Bar Chart

* 3D Wagon Wheels available.

* Classic and Pro Batting Controls available.

* You can rearrange the players and the batting line.

* 20+ new batting shots

* LED Stumps are available at Night mode matches.

* Rearrange the field condition according to your choice.

* Hindi and English Commentary Available

* 3rd Empire Decision on a stump, lbw.

* Free Hit (No Ball) when bowler passes the bowling line.

* Batting Timing Meter to mash some good shots. (Too Late--Late--Perfect--Quick--Too Quick)

* Batting Camera Settings (Batsman's end and Bowler's end)

* Batsmen get injured in poor shots


Phone Requirement:

* OS: Android 4.0 or above.
* RAM: 1 GB
* Processor: Quad Core or above.



  • Sign in using your Google account
  • Allow getting various updates and notifications
  • Access phone's location where all the data can be stored (Game files, scores, matches played, coins collected etc.)
  • Accept all the terms and conditions



  • NASSCOM Gaming Forum Award 2015
  • Top Game by Time Spent 2016, India
  • Top Game by Monthly Active User in the year 2016-2017, India.
  • Best Incitements of 2015 by Google Play Store.
  • Best Diversions of 2016-2017 by Google Play Store.

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Check below to download World Cricket Championship 2.

Wcc2 mod apk
Wcc2 mod apk
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shoutmeonline File Size 315MB
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How to Propose Google Adsense & Accept Proposal in 24 hrs.


Every blogger after setting up his blog wants to earn some money online through Google Adsense, but most of them fail to do that. Before applying for Google Adsense, we should know a few things which are important for getting approved by Google Adsense within 24 hours.

This article will guide you that how you can make your blog a quality one and what are the important things that you should consider before applying for Google Adsense.

But before that let's know a little about Google Adsense.

What Is Google Adsense and How Does it Work?

Google Adsense is a Google product which was initially released on 18th June 2003 by Google. It allows a publisher to show ads(auto image, text, video ads) in their site. These ads are administered and managed by Google.

When any visitors come to your site and they click to any ads and all your revenue gets calculated through CPC i.e. Cost Per Click, which means that your revenue is calculated by total clicks.

How to get Adsense account approval for your Blog:

Now, coming to our topic lets see how you can get approved by Google Adsense within 24 hours by following these simple tricks.
  • Grab a custom domain for your blog. (Example:,, etc. )
  • Create a professional email using Gmail or through your domain provider.
  • Make sure to add important pages like About, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.
  • Use a responsive template for your blog.
  • Write at least 12-15 well-written content for your blog. 
  • Avoid using copyrighting images. If you have done that, go back and remove those. You can find free images here.
  • Make the navigation of your site properly.
  • The sidebar should be clean and professional looking.
  • Ensure that all the things are perfect by reviewing your blog. Apply for Adsense and enjoy. Click here to Sign up for Adsense

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it necessary to have 6 months old domain?
Ans- The answer is a big NO. If your blog looks like professional and you have published some quality posts in it than you can get approved soon.

2.  What are the reasons that are making my blog getting disapproved?
Ans- Reasons can be: Scrapped Content, Improper Navigation, Site is not available/live, No Content etc.

3. What is the actual time for getting approved from Adsense?
Ans- If you have written 15-20 high-quality articles, added important pages like About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap to your site, your site has proper navigation, having decent template you can get approved within 12-24 hrs.

4. How Will I Receive the PIN For Address Verification?
Ans- When your balance reaches $10, Google will mail the pin and it will reach you within 2-3 weeks to your address which you have provided in the account section.


Hope, this article has help you out and I think that now as of now you have read this article, you will be the next whose blog is going to get approved within 12-24 hrs. 

So, All the Best For your online journey.