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How Webmaster Tool is Important for You [Indepth Guide]

A Website / Blog is incomplete without webmaster tools. It is impossible to rank your blog/Website without webmaster tools, so in this post, I will tell you How Webmaster tool is important for you. 

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Before moving forward, let me tell you what is webmaster tools? Webmaster tool is a free service that helps bloggers or website owners to evaluate and improve their search rankings and search results. 

Webmaster tools are of various types or you can say that each Search Engine offers its own webmaster tools. 

Well if you are wondering about why it is so, then here is your answer. 
Every Single search engine is different and has there owned search Algorithms. 

So they have there owned webmaster tools which are built in accordance with the algorithms and help you to evaluate and improve your search rankings on that particular search engine. After learning what is a webmaster tool, a question will be wondering in your mind that
How the Webmaster Tool is Important for your Blog?

There are various webmaster tools out there as we have already discussed. Here we are going to take the Google webmaster tool as our main Focus as Google is the world's largest search engine. 

Webmaster tool that is offered by Google is called search console. It is the most powerful and most popular Webmaster tool out there. All the bloggers and website owners use this. And why should they not be using this? 

It has great features. It can make it easier for anyone to rank their post on Google if they use it in the right manner. Means you need a good Brain along with this great too and integrate both of theme to produce explosive results. 

Here is a list of Features that it offers along with its Uses.

1. Keyword position Tracker

This is an Extra Ordinary Feature provided within the search console. Suppose you write a post and want to know that if your post is ranking or not. 

And If ranking then on which page. Here in Search Console, you will Find a list of the keywords that are ranking on your site. 

You can also check that on which page they are ranking so that you can change your SEO strategies in accordance to that. 

This feature is very useful in case when you post is ranking on the 4-5 page and you want to make it rank on #First Page.

2. Redirects

Another useful feature of the search console is Redirects. This is an extremely useful feature for bloggers or Website owners. Suppose if you have published posts on your blog and after due to any issue you have to delete them. 

Then there will be an error Generated i.e. 404 error. Means that the link is stilled indexed on google but is not present on your blog. 

Then what you can do is just create a redirect and replace the old URL with the new one. What this will do is it will create a redirect and everyone the user is trying to open the old link, He/She will be redirected to the new one.  This will help you save traffic and also maintain good user experience. 


Webmaster tool is like a boon for bloggers, whether it be Bing webmaster tools or The beast i.e Google webmaster tools. 

These tools help in making your website visible to search engines and help you to boost your rankings. It is not really hard to figure from the name itself that Google Webmaster Tools is a lot of apparatuses for website admins. 

Nonetheless, what you can be sure of is this is a helpful toolset that enables you to speak with Google and change numerous parts of how Google sees your site, for example, list the outer and inside connections to your site, alter the slither rate at which Google bot records your site, check the watchwords clients composed to arrive on your site, just as the active visitor clicking percentage for every catchphrase, see your site's insights, and some more.

One issue that needs referencing is protection concerns. Since you are giving Google full access to your site's details, you may be stressed over how they handle this information. 

While Google is a legitimate organization and it isn't all around likely they will manhandle the information you are giving them access to, if privacy is a top worry for you, reconsider before letting Google (or some other insights arrangement, so far as that is concerned) to your site's insider facts.

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